May 2, 2017

In the effort to cultivate a desire among businesses to consider the impact they have on the environment many companies are making "green" companies their number one goal. The main goal of green companies is to develop a climate risk program that promotes transparent corporate disclosure on all environmental impact.


Getting green business certification is a process that ensures the business achieves its goals. One needs to work to identify specific business goals which will work towards to become certified green. Get a set of initiatives that have been specifically designed with green business. Some of the business green certificates being issued today are;


USAD Organic


The food processing companies to be certified as green business require organic food certificate to show the growing and production process.


Green Business Bureau


To be issued with this certificate the green companies need to show sustainability program, environmental compliance and have a green team office.


Safe choice certificate


This is an affirmation and marking program that shows buyers which items perform well and is ok for human healthy and nature. There are different certificates and names you can apply for, from scent-free items to safe substance items.


The energy star certificate


Energy Star is a genuinely unmistakable accreditation image for apparatuses, lights, hardware and other comparative items. The EPA has a free online instrument that you can use to gauge energy utilize and outflows. Scores are given out in the range of 1 and 100, and those that get a score of more than 75 are qualified to apply for this certificate.


Green Seal


This certificate is given to the non-profit making companies that affirm and advances environmental friendly administrations and products. These companies have distinctive gauges for various enterprises.


Waste-Wise certificate


Waste-Wise Certificate is an acknowledgment to organizations, governments, and associations that show how they have reduced waste. The green companies which join this program get benefits like marked down waste transfer expenses and acknowledgment in the Waste-Wise distribution and on the EPA's site.


Bay area green certificate


This certificate recognizes the business in the bay area which partner with environmental agencies and which strive to minimize the waste and reduce the carbon footprints.


Biopreffered certificate


The BioPreferred Labeling Initiative permits organizations that make biobased items to demonstrate that they meet or surpass the base biobased content rate in their industry. The standards differ by the type of the products.


Approved welfare for animals


Animals and the natural environment are inseparable. For organizations that need to express that their items are animal mindful, there's the Animal Welfare certificate. Agriculturists and food processing companies can apply online for this certificate.


Fair-trade certificate


Certified fair-trade products show clients that the organization utilizes impartial exchange practice at each level of the inventory network, guaranteeing reasonable treatment, costs, and natural effect. Accreditations are accessible for various products classes, and quarterly expenses differ in light of the kind of business.



If any business decides to pursue the green business certificate, the employees and customers all need to do their part for their environment and to top it off, work for and with companies that are doing the same. By becoming certified green business, the business retains employees, gaining new customers and helping the environments all which are critical to the business success.

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April 28, 2017

Eco-friendly jobs are hot right now; you may be considering cashing in on the new public attention towards eco-friendly occupations. The news is that you can make the most of the growing eco-friendly job opportunity right within.


If you're searching for a green job, then you might not have to search too far. There are the abundance of options out there, and if you do a bit of research by yourself and follow the below suggestions, you could be quite successful in getting a quality job which will settle the bills and help the ecosystem. Every single day you will find new green companies appearing that are looking for bright, skilled and forward-thinking people to help run them. If you want to know the top tips for getting a green job in reading on right now.


Tip #1 - Begin networking as soon as possible. If your previous job was in a somewhat connected industry to eco-friendly jobs (i.e. electricity, energy, and so on.), then you might have a good idea of some contacts you could take advantage of to find prospects for green-related jobs. Whether you've got a jump off point doesn't matter-networking is important for getting jobs, specifically in the green industries. Consider looking into job fairs or phoning old contacts to find out if they know of anything available.


Tip #2 - Volunteer wherever feasible for the free, quick and fun experience. If there are local possibilities to help a green movement and give your assistance to organizations in need this could be a great way to get more experience and power up your resume. This doesn't just look great on your resume but help out the local area and a green related organization.


Tip #3 - Search around online and in local classified ads. Finding green jobs doesn't restrict you to networking with people around the state. Take a look at available local classified job listings and log on to general job listing boards like or perhaps Craig's List. There are also specialized green job-related forums and job listings boards online that provides you with a good idea of what's available though there won't necessarily be anything within . In any event, there may be work from home prospects where you could telecommute.


Tip #4 - The green employment market is expanding rapidly so try going in where the most opportunity is. This might be the place where a new start-up is establishing shop or where the demand for green energy is greater than in your existing area. A great place for green jobs because of both the climate and the thriving tech industry is orange county ca. Irvine is known for its technology as well as having 300+ days a year of Sun. If you are looking for a job then one of the first places I would recommend looking is solar companies in orange county Going where there is more opportunity is a terrific way to have green jobs but only switch locations if you could certainly secure the position.


Getting a greener job doesn't have to be challenging even a difficult job market. If you practice efficient and assertive job searching you could find great jobs that will pay well and help the environment while supplying a good service or product to the consuming public. The green industry is a rapidly growing market and if you want to get your foot in the door making certain you correctly network and make use of every obtainable opportunity is the best way to ensure your future with a green job .


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May 1, 2017

Many corporations are exploring ways to make their operations more friendly for the environment, but these initiatives are slow in being formulated and even slower in being enacted in the workplace. If you would like to help the environment and contribute to making yourself a more visible and valued employee, you should explore ways of making your workplace a greener workplace. This article is meant to provide you with a few suggestions as to how you can take the initiative and start incorporating green energy and green policies in your workplace.

Your very first stop should be a discussion with either your boss or with human resources. Explain to them that you would like to be involved in any programs that attempt to make the office a greener work place. Ask if there are any recycling or green policies already in place, and ask for any documentation they might have. If there are no policies, ask if there are any employee incentive programs to reward employees for green ideas. Whether there is information available to you or not, your boss or human resources department should be your first step.

Offer to organize a car pool. If you work in a large company, there may be several people interested in joining a car pool. Start by publicizing a feasibility study. In this study, you will be getting the names and addresses of people that are interested in joining a car pool. Map the addresses of people interested and see whether or not it would work out. Even if this does not become a company-wide project, you may be able to match a few people together to help them car pool.

Review your company's recycling efforts. In many corporate environments, recycling is limited to paper only. See if you can't do something to help your company recycle more of the products they use like glass, aluminum cans, and cardboard. Volunteer to place the recycle bins in common areas and to help with the monitoring and removal of full bins.

Speak with your IT department about how much paper is used in printing. Make an informative brochure on how people can adjust their printing habits and preferences to conserve paper. Show them how to switch to duplex printing so that any print jobs they have will print on paper front and back. While it may seem like a small thing, many people are unaware of these printing options and would gladly change if only they knew how.

Whether you're a student interning at a major corporation, a marketing associate making phone calls all day or an office assistant handling paperwork, you're going to spend a majority of your time in one place all day. So don't you want your work space to be eco-friendly and energy efficient? It can be if you make some simple changes.

Talk to people about removing one or more light bulbs from their office lights. This will use less energy and may be easier on the eyes for some people.

Hopefully, this article has given you some useful information to help guide you through the process of making your workplace a greener workplace. Remember, this type of effort isn't just making the planet a better place; it is also making you a more valued employee. Good luck in your future efforts.

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